Maddie Doyle
Based in Northwest, UK

Body Projections - Stills from this weekends shoot

Using time lapses of metamorphisis, cocoons hatching, to the reincarnation of winged beasts, butterflies migrate, the imagery is projected directly onto the human form …  .

Some stills from this weekends shoot. 

Silhoutes are formed and the last light of the day breaks through the figures and the trees, as emily takes her noble steed for a canter around the fields, beauty fades into the sunset

Body painting video stills using UV paint 

UV Body Painting - Video Stills

a sneak preview of whats to come…

incorporating coloured smoke bombs into the scene paints an other worldly element to the imagery

Behind the scenes/on set today shooting a few locations from an abandoned farm to war ruins in the woodlands…  

Stills from today’s shoot today - this one taken from an abandoned barn near home. Model - Jemma Wilson dressed in her grandma’s beautiful vintage wedding dress and hand made feathered head piece made to resemble a crown by myself for my mid summer nights dream project. Lots of more exiting imagery to follow…